Transforming your physique takes hard work and dedication. But it’s not just what you do in the gym that counts. Getting your nutrition right is even more important. Want to know the diet plan that gave me a six-pack? Read-on!

Meal 1

Morning Whey Protein Shake

Morning whey protein shake

As soon as I get up the first ‘meal’ I have is a whey protein shake at 6:00am. It’s not ‘real’ food so that’s not ideal but it helps me to hit my daily protein target of about 200-220g per day. Check out my ultimate guide to supplements to learn more about which are worth adding to your nutrition plan.

Meal 2 (Breakfast)

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Breakfast – 4 poached eggs on brown toast

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Followed by 50g of oats (with water) and some peanut butter

Meal 2 is basically breakfast! I eat at about 8am in my work canteen. I’m fortunate enough to be able to get poached eggs at work but there is no reason why you couldn’t have scrambled eggs (which are quicker to make) at home.

Mid-Morning Snack

Brazil nutes, almonds and cashews are all great

Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews are all great

Nuts are a great source of ‘good’ fats! Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews are my favourites. Stay clear of salted nuts like peanuts (which are actually legumes!).

Meal 3

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Tinned tuna with brown rice, avocado and green veg

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Microwave brown rice – my secret weapon!

This is one of my most frequent and easiest meals which is a piece of cake to do even at work. Tinned tuna is super easy and microwave brown rice can be prepped anywhere for a simple way to hit your daily carb intake. Add some low-salt soy sauce to taste if needed.

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Meal 4

Chicken with white rice and greens

Chicken with white rice and greens

This is my mid afternoon meal. If you’re having it before a workout then you could also switch the brown rice for some high GI white rice instead to give you a quicker energy boost.

Meal 5 (Post Workout)

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Post workout protein shake with 30g of nuts

Drink a whey protein shake straight after a workout to fuel your muscles immediately with the protein they need for recovery and growth. Also grab a few nuts to get some good fats and energy back in your system.

Meal 6 (Dinner)

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Chicken with seasoning, sweet potato and asparagus

Sweet potato is one of my favourite carbs. Packed full of great nutrients, it is also relatively low GI so will be absorbed gradually by your body. Adding seasoning to the chicken makes things a little more interesting! Make sure you pack in enough green veg as always.

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