I was lucky enough to be invited down to check out new personal training gym The Fitting Rooms recently. Based in Central London in the London Bridge area, brothers David and Stephen Jordan came up with the idea to bridge the gap between “expensive personal training studios and cheaper but overcrowded commercial gyms”.

So what’s it all about? Well, think a sleek and private workout space, high spec equipment, and some of London’s best personal trainers all in one package. There’s no monthly subscription to worry about – you only pay for your bespoke personal training plan. They also offer ‘shared personal training’ where you save money by sharing your sessions with a maximum of 4 people but get the same sort of personal coaching you’d experience in a one-on-one session.

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The Fitting Rooms was started by brothers David and Stephen Jordan with Yasmin Saadi

The Personal Trainers

There’s a huge difference between an average personal trainer and a really good personal trainer and The Fitting Rooms have some of the best. Directors and trainers David Jordan, Stephen Jordan and Yasmin Saadi have years of experience behind them, have competed in some of the top physique competitions and are experts in strength training, conditioning, nutrition and body composition. I spent a bit of time talking to David Jordan about their gym and what the team are all about.

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David Jordan, Personal Trainer and Director

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Impressive Equipment

What’s the story behind the The Fitting Rooms?

I’ve been in the fitness industry for a number of years training clients, competing and also working for one of the UK’s biggest commercial gyms in Central London. But I’ve always wanted to create an environment which would be the ideal space for one-on-one personal training, without the hassle you get with one of the big chains where you’re always competing for limited equipment, and the focus is on getting as many people in the door rather than giving a tailored personal service. Which is why Steve and I had the idea for The Fitting Rooms, to bridge that gap and create a space where we would want to workout ourselves. It’s taken us well over a year to get to this point where we’ve finally opened our doors, but the reaction has been amazing and we’ve had lots of new clients joining us already.

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What sort of facilities and equipment have you got here?

All our equipment is brand new with the majority of it from Watson, which is one of the best suppliers you can get for strength training equipment. We’ve got 3 squat racks which is fantastic because it’s such a versatile piece of equipment that a lot of gyms don’t have enough of. We also have an area for running small circuits classes. Then we’ve got the changing rooms which are really nice as well!

The Fitting Rooms-6204

Great range of machines and free-weights

Would you say you have a ‘training philosophy’? I noticed you don’t really have cardio equipment here so does that reflect how you approach training?

My approach to training is about overall body composition so we don’t just get people doing loads of cardio. I do actually like running as well but it’s about balance, improving overall strength and tailoring the training to each person’s individual body type. For example we do have a rowing machine which we use for circuits and you can get an unbelievable workout from doing weights circuits with say 15 rep sets, rotating around different types of exercise like squats and pull-ups, which will get you sweating just as much as a hardcore sprint workout. We have a real mix of people who come to see us. Some want to lose weight and transform their body, and others want to tone up or get a more muscular physique.

The Fitting Rooms-6135

Yasmin Saadi, Personal Trainer and Director

Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I do see people just running on a treadmill with their trainer standing next to them and it seems like a bit of a waste.

Exactly. For some people that can be a useful way to start, but we have some of the best gym equipment you can get here and you can get the best results from using it.

The Fitting Rooms-6211

No queues for the showers here…

The Fitting Rooms-6021

Some equipment you won’t find at your average Fitness First!

How’re you finding being responsible for running your own business? What keeps you motivated?

Well it’s a lot of hard work! We’ve been really busy since we opened and along with all our existing clients we’ve had a great reaction from people who’ve started training with us in the last couple of weeks. We’re all working long hours whilst we build the business but it’s a lot of fun and a great space to train in. We all love what we do and it’s great to be able to come here every day.

I had a really cool time meeting the team at The Fitting Rooms. Their knowledge about fitness and enthusiasm for helping people achieve their goals is impressive and I’m sure the gym will be a great success. If you’re in London Bridge then stop by and check it out for yourself!