Ever had that feeling when you’ve been waiting for ages for someone to come along and start something that delivers exactly what you’ve been looking for?

Well, Protein Haus is pretty much that for the on-the-go lunch market. For anyone not working in Canary Wharf, London; Protein Haus in a nutshell is a new food outlet selling clean and lean fitness-focused meals. It’s basically the Pret-a-Manager of the clean eating world.

Great shakes

Great shakes

Why do I like it so much? Well for anyone trying to follow a fitness plan and keeping their nutrition on point, it’s pretty damn difficult to find food on the go that fits with your diet without having to go to the supermarket and pick up cans of tuna and microwave rice. Of course you can spend a load of time doing your meal prep at home, but that’s not always practical and if you have a busy life you’re not always going to have the time.

So personal trainer Carli Wheatley created the Protein Haus concept to cater for just this market. And I have to say I’m impressed as all the meals are in-line with the diet that helped me improve my own physique.


A few tasty meals

The product

Protein Haus have a whole range of meals that include your classic combo of protein, carbs and greens. Lean chicken, steak, salmon and tofu are all on offer along with brown rice, sweet potato and more. The standard price point is £4.50 and all the meals are helpfully labelled with their macro nutrient content so you can keep track with myfitnesspal.

In addition to the meals, they also have a wide selection of protein bars, treats like protein cheesecake and of course some great shakes.

Where is Protein Haus?

Located in the Canada Place Mall in Canary Wharf, London, there is currently only 1 main outlet which opened very recently. But no doubt the team have plans to expand so watch this space…