I just got back from an awesome holiday in Italy and lets just say I may have indulged a little too much in the fantastic food, wine and gelato! But now I’m back to real life and it’s time for a post holiday reboot. After having done pretty much no exercise for two weeks and indulged myself at every opportunity, I need a health detox. These are my top tips for getting back in shape after your holiday and kickstarting your fitness and nutrition reboot.

1. Carb Deplete

This is a technique used by fitness models to get that extra lean look before a photoshoot or competition by gradually reducing carbohydrates in their diet. It’s not something that is sustainable on a long term basis but for 1 week I am going to do a Carb Reset by cutting out all carbohydrates. Why? By resetting your metabolism and reducing insulin levels you are forcing your body to burn fat rather than just sugar, helping you get back in shape quicker.

2. Don’t Panic Diet, Keep it Clean

One of the biggest mistakes people make is crash dieting because they want to get a fast result. It’s much better to simply go back to your normal calorie intake but make sure you’re eating clean – cut down on the sugar, reduce the alcohol and juice, eat complex carbs rather than starchy ones, stick to lean meats and don’t go for sauces with lots of additives.

3. Turbo-charge your Cardio with HIIT

I’ve written loads of times about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training and this is definitely one time when it really comes in useful in burning calories fast. As well as taking up less time on the treadmill, it means your metabolism continues to use up calories for longer even when you’re not exercising. Try doing 15 minute of interval sprints (1 min fast, 1 min slow), 3 times a week for 2 weeks.

4. Keep the Reps High

If you’re doing weights in the gym, drop the weight (literally). Lighter dumbbells with high reps are the order of the day (10-15) to keep your heart rate higher and burn more fat whilst also getting a great workout. Work to exhaustion and you’ll still get a great pump!

5. Play the Long Game

Being healthy AND happy is about having a sustainable plan over the long term, not setting any unrealistic expectations for yourself and recognising that any fitness goal is about a gradual progression rather than an overnight transformation. If you stick to a regular nutrition plan and exercise 3 times a week then you can achieve huge progress in only 8 weeks.

So that’s it, time to start the post holiday reboot and get back in shape!