After writing my post on fitness food delivery services the nice team at PaleoChef got in touch to see if I wanted to try their meal delivery service. Of course I naturally jumped at the chance so here’s my PaleoChef review after eating my way through 1 week of their Warrior plan.PaleoChef

The delivery arrived in a nice cooled box on a Sunday night with a full week’s worth of food neatly packed in, alongside their branded cool bag to take your food into work each day.

The lunches are all ready to eat and the dinners come partly cooked in vacuum sealed containers, ready to stick in the fridge or freeze. Any cooking involved only extends to sticking them in a pot of boiled water for about 8-10 mins and you are ready to go. It’s really easy.

How does it taste?

PaleoChef does what it says on the tin – freshly cooked meals following everyone’s favourite caveman diet. They have a big focus on high quality ingredients and ‘gourmet’ style meals so expect something a little more than your usual chicken and sweet potato. Having tried other services like Fresh Fitness Food, the quality of PaleoChef’s meals are definitely a cut above the competition in terms of quality and taste and do live up to the ‘foodie’ marketing angle.

Would it work for you?

I’d recommend PaleoChef to anyone with a busy lifestyle that wants to ‘eat clean‘ but have a bit more variety in their diet than some of the usual meal choices. It definitely takes a huge amount of the time and effort out of meal prep and making your dinner at the end of a tiring day (at work and at the gym!). The only potential negative is that although the portions are VERY generous for dinner, you’re obviously getting 2 meals rather than 4-5 meals a day, so this won’t always suit people who are looking to build muscle in a serious way and need to hit bigger macros.

Menus & Plans: Meals are prepared by the team of former Oxo Tower chef Pete Cookson and nutritionist Drew Price. They’ve got a selection of 3 finely tuned plans available – ‘Fat Loss’, ‘Performance’ and ‘Warrior’!

Delivery: The 5 day bundle arrives all in one delivery to be kept in your fridge.

Price: 5 days from £120 (for the fat loss plan), includes lunch, dinner and a ‘paleo snack’.