These days it takes a lot of money to eat healthily and have a well-balanced diet. Protein bars are a quick and convenient way for us all to ‘fuel up’ before or after a great workout. But is there an alternative to store bought protein bars which can be full of additives? Of course there is, and for just a little bit of effort, the results for your pocket and body will be noticeable. If you make your own, then at least you will know what goes into them, and you can cut out all of the rubbish and preservatives that go into those you see in health food stores.

You don’t have to be a proficient chef to put these bars together. If you start to produce your protein bars at home, then you will never have to buy them again! This is a healthier alternative that you can pre-prepare at the beginning of the week. So read on for this incredibly easy homemade protein bar recipe.

How to master the homemade protein bar

These are some very quick and easy steps to make a basic protein bar. Once you have mastered this, the sky is the limit as you can add lots of other ingredients to vary the taste.

Stage oneGet some good protein powder (1 cup) and add some wholemeal flour (1 cup). It is important at this stage to select a type of flour that you are able to eat without cooking. Good examples of flour that is perfect include coconut flour, oat or grain based flour, and almond flour.

Stage twoOnce you have the flour and protein powder, you will need a binding agent. You can do this very easily with milk (350 – 450ml, depending on the flour). It can be cows milk or any other sort that you fancy like nut milk, rice milk or almond milk. Nut butter (50g) can be added at this stage, which will add to the liquidity of the mixture without losing texture. The mix that you are aiming for is like cake dough.

Be creative and try out new ingredients. Once you have the recipe for this basic mix, you can start experimenting.

Stage threeShape the batter into bars. The size will be up to you and according to your preferences. Don’t forget that if the mixture is a bit too moist, then this can be sorted out very effectively by adding more flour. If it is dry, you can add more milk.

Stage fourMelt chocolate over hot water and dunk each bar into it. In my experience, dark chocolate is ideal or though I have also used white.

Stage fiveFreeze the bars and in around 30 minutes they are ready to eat!

Be creative and try out new ingredients. Once you have the recipe for this basic mix, which by the way tastes good without any additions, you can start experimenting. There are many different things that you can do, such as adding nuts, flavouring like vanilla or spices. Get dried fruit and add to the batter before shaping, will bring out an explosion of flavour. The recipes are endless, good for you and bursting with energy.

These bars are perfect for before and after a workout, and I guarantee that you will never buy ready-made again. You can also increase size portions to make bigger batches. Enjoy!

This post was written by Dane from the Fitness Fan blog.