I probably sound like a broken record on this (!) but in case you didn’t already know it – paying attention to your nutrition and clean eating is the most important thing you can do to improve your health, wellness and physique. I actually found that once I stopped buying pre-made sandwiches, burritos and salads and started preparing my own food, it was much more enjoyable, cheaper and more appetite satisfying than my life before. It also made a massive difference to my body and seeing an improvement from the time put in at the gym. The only downside? Finding the time to make the food yourself!

Which is why I’m always looking for ways to take the hassle out of clean eating, spending less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things I enjoy. Which brings me onto these fitness food delivery services. It’s a really popular service in the US where the fitness and wellness culture is probably more entrenched in places like California, but fitness food delivery services are popping up more and more in the UK, particularly in London.

The massive advantage is that they can save you a huge amount of time preparing the food, but will also do all the nutritional planning for you. Many of them will calculate your macros and daily food requirements depending on your fitness goals (see my post on calculating your macros) and deliver meals direct to your home or office from breakfast through to dinner. The only downside is the price – these services don’t come cheap at around £20-25 per day for a full day of food.

So who uses them? Well if you’ve ever seen a celebrity body transformation in one of the fitness magazines then you can bet money that they have used a fitness food delivery service. They’re also used a lot by fitness pros training ahead of competitions or photo shoots. But they’re increasingly popular amongst everyone else who’s trying to manage the balance between a busy career, personal life and training (hello!).


Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food are one of the biggest players on the London fitness food market, having been set up in 2012 and now serving ‘thousands’ of meals a week from their kitchens. Fresh Fitness Food is undoubtedly one of the leaders when it comes to the sheer range of plans and flexibility they offer.

Menus & Plans: The menu varies on a daily basis and gives you the option to select the foods you want excluded if you have any personal preferences. They have a whole range of plans which can be personally tailored to you including ‘summer body’, ‘muscle gain’ and ‘fat loss’. Or you can just order a plan tailored to specific macros if you know exactly what you want. You can order between 3 and 5 meals a day.

Delivery: Delivered in a cool bag each morning between midnight and 6 a.m. to your door, free of charge within the M25 – ideal for early starters like me! Monday to Friday delivery.

Price: Starting from £20 per day, depending on how many days you order in advance.



As the name might suggest, Mealtek have also focused on the technology side of tracking your nutrition with an impressive (although perhaps slightly complicated) online planner that gives you all the information you need about their bespoke food plan. As with Fresh Fitness Food, meals are delivered freshly prepared in plastic containers.

Menus & Plans: Menus are tailored by Mealtek to your personal requirements and include well-known ‘diets’ like Paleo, Pescetarian, High or Low Carb and High Protein.

Delivery: Delivered by 4pm the day after order or they can also get to you by 9am. Delivery is offered Tuesday to Friday with an emphasis on bulk rather than daily delivery.

Price: Prices ‘depend on your requirements’ with lunches and dinners starting at £5.99. Which sounds like great value but it isn’t clear how much you get for the minimum price.


Fit Fuel

Fit Fuel is one of the cheaper options out there, offering 12 meal plans packages from £79. There’s less emphasis on the culinary qualities of their food and more on just ‘getting sh*t done’.

Menus & Plans: Arguable a bit less variety here – you’ve got the option of either ‘fat loss’ or ‘muscle gain’.

Delivery: Food is delivered fresh in a cool box by 1pm a couple of days after ordered. There isn’t an option to get early morning delivery so expect to store in the fridge or freeze for the week.

Price: 12 meal for £69 for women and £79 for men.



PaleoChef does what it says on the tin – providing freshly cooked meals following everyone’s favourite caveman diet. They have a big focus on high quality ingredients and ‘gourmet’ style meals so expect something a little more than your usual chicken and sweet potato.

Menus & Plans: Meals are prepared by the team of former Oxo Tower chef Pete Cookson and nutritionist Drew Price. They’ve got a selection of 3 finely tuned plans available – ‘Fat Loss’, ‘Performance’ and ‘Warrior’!

Delivery: The 5 day bundle arrives all in one delivery to be kept in your fridge.

Price: 5 days from £120 (for the fat loss plan), includes lunch, dinner and a ‘paleo snack’.



Founded by person trainer Angus Fey, MunchFit are one of the fresh newcomers to the London fitness food market. They’ve got a service which is probably most similar to Fresh Fitness Food – freshly prepared meals, a frequently changing menu, delivered daily each morning to your office. They generally focus more on office deliveries to bring in a batch in one go – so tap your work mates into your nutrition plan as well if you sign-up.

Menus & Plans: MunchFit has a standard menu that changes each week and also a low carb menu. So perhaps less flexibility if you want a completely customised plan. But what they lack in customisation they make up for in the quality of their food and the variety of their dishes. Their typical daily menu has 3 meals and a couple of snacks.

Delivery: Delivered in a cool bag each morning to your office.

Price: Introductory offer of 9 meals for £99.