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1Rebel - making working-out cool


I have a confession to make…I’ve never been to a spin class. Anyway, I thought it was about time to pop my spin cherry (so to speak) so this weekend I headed down to 1Rebel (St Mary Axe, London) to check out their flashy new fitness ‘boutique’…and what a first time it was!

What’s 1Rebel?!

Started by the family that originally created Fitness First, 1Rebel is part of the wave of new studio-style gyms that have been really successful in the US (think Soul Cycle and Barry’s Bootcamp) but have barely registered in the UK. Only it’s not really a ‘gym’ – there’s no membership and no minimum contract. Instead they have two high-intensity 45 min classes which you sign-up to on a pay-as-you go basis. (check out my blog post on the benefits of HIIT)

1Rebel - Outside

Smack in the middle of the City of London, right next to the Gherkin

The first is ‘Ride’ (which I did), a spin session that includes light weights as well to get your upper body working. The other format is ‘Reshape’ which is a combination of treadmills and a cool ‘workout platform’ that incorporates weights for an intense full-body workout that alternates between the two sets of equipment.

Changing rooms don't get much nicer than this

Changing rooms don’t get much nicer than this

The Lowdown

So spin + treadmills…so far so normal right? WRONG! The team at 1Rebel have created a really jaw-dropping venue for the classes. From the industrial-chic entrance to the awesome changing rooms that include a full range of grooming products, they’ve definitely created a space that you will want to come back to. I really liked the fridge in the changing room with cold towels for after your workout, and the very cool exposed pipework showers.

1Rebel - Ride Class

State of the art equipment

The Class

I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much doing cardio as I did in this class! Shara Tochia led the session with buzzing energy to wake up our slightly sluggish Saturday lunchtime crowd and it wasn’t long before we were pumping the peddles to an awesome playlist which got the endorphins flowing. Talking of the playlist, the music is definitely one of the things which sets 1Rebel apart from similar places – they’ve got a pretty impressive sound system and also run sessions with live performers at the front as well. I also love the lighting – there’s nothing like strobe lights flashing on the sprints to get you in the zone!

1Rebel - Ride

Post work-out. Barely able to hold my camera straight…


I really enjoyed my session at 1Rebel and will definitely be going back to check out ‘Reshape’ and the live performance sessions. Are there any downsides? You could say that £25 for 1 session is a little steep but on the other hand, you’re not paying any membership and if you buy a package of sessions you can get them for as low as £17 which is pretty good for something which is definitely a premium experience and worth getting out of bed for! They’re also offering the 1st session free so worth checking out. Overall – uber cool, very fun and a great rush!

Don't forget your post workout smoothie!

Don’t forget your post workout smoothie!